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A friendly shooting competition last Saturday reintroduced residents and guests to the resort’s shooting facilities. This event was a wonderful, and out of the ordinary, way to start the weekend that followed all Casa Cares protocols guaranteeing the health and safety of the community. 

Attendees arrived at the Safari Club, the center’s equivalent to a pro-shop, at their reserved times where they were greeted by the staff, long time Casa de Campo shooting instructor Hermógenes Guerrero and the Shooting Center director Jake Pike. They were then lead to the skeet and trap practice station to the right of the welcome center where they had a chance to test their marksmanship!

Each participant received 25 rounds and a gun, to try their luck at trap shooting, where the targets are launched from a single “house” or machine, generally away from the shooter. Before starting they each got instruction from the center’s qualified and attentive staff, who made sure each of the guests felt at ease as they learned about the safety switch, loading, and unloading, as well as most important – taking aim.

We were able to witness how beginners and experienced shooters alike enjoyed the experience stating that they would visit the center again and appreciated that the resort had organized this friendly competition as a way to learn more about the sport and at the same time making them feel safe enough to try.

We encourage everyone to receive proper instruction and give it a go for a fun and interesting introduction to the sport! Plenty of variation in clay and cartridge sizes as well as direction from where the clay is coming from make changing up the complexity of the sport endless, and ideal for beginners as well as advanced shooters.

Casa de Campo’s 245-acre grounds are well worth a visit to get to know their new Five Stand facilities, Trap and Skeet ranges, simulation areas, springing teal, Columbaire arena, and more. Noteworthy in Casa de Campo’s top of the line shooting center is a 110 ft. tower that provides three levels of throwing targets over 40 meters high! With so many opportunities at your fingertips to discover a time-honored sport, visit the Shooting Center to begin your journey!

Congratulations to all who participated!

Winners of the tournament:

1st place Fernanda Andrade 

2nd place Pedro Esteva 

3rd place Wascar Fernández

The following pictures were taken at Casa de Campo’s friendly competition at the Shooting Center on Saturday, August 8th:

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