Who doesn’t love road trips? We sure do! Gathering your friends or family together, packing into the car, and driving off to a new destination is incredible. While on the road you get to meet new places and create lots of fun memories, you may also encounter various toll booths along the way. For those who might not know yet, toll fees in the Dominican Republic increased a couple of weeks ago; so here we detail the ones that changed and the ones that didn’t so you are prepared for your next journey.

Most of these rates have not been updated since 2002, though it was announced they would increase back in 2014. In some cases the rates remained the same, and others rose from 10 pesos to 140!! There was also a readjustment in all vehicle categories, as per RD Vial (Oficina Coordinadora General del Fideicomiso). The new rates were implemented on September 5th, and are as follows:

Santo Domingo’s toll plazas (Las Americas, Duarte, 6 de Noviembre and Sanchez highways):

  • Trucks, Jeeps, vans and microbuses for RD $60.00 (Category I)
  • Two-axle vehicles RD $120.00(Category II)
  • Vehicles with 3 and 4 axes RD $180.00 (Category III)
  • 5 and 6 axes vehicles RD $240.00 (Category IV)
  • 7-axle vehicles and onwards RD $300 pesos. (Category V)

In the Coral 1:

  • Category I – RD $60.00
  • Category II – RD $120.00
  • Category III – RD $180.00
  • Category IV – RD $240.00
  • Category V – RD $300.00

Coral II, La Romana, Juan Bosch I and II and Santiago:

  • Category I – RD $100.00
  • Category II – RD $200.00
  • Category III – RD $300.00
  • Category IV – RD $400.00
  • Category V – RD $600

*Remember that on the last two sections toll payments is both going in and out. Below a diagram that shows which increased and which stayed the same.

Diagram from Listin Diario

Some might not know this yet, but in the future we will no longer need to pass through Santo Domingo to go the Cibao or the Southern region! We are sure you’ve noticed that there have been some major construction work going on in Santo Domingo for the past couple of months (years really), and it’s all due in part to a new highway that will completely eliminate passing through the city for destinations to the Northern region. They have implemented this in Santiago where you no longer have to go through the city to enter Puerto Plata, Navarrete, Mao, etc., which is a blessing since you avoid all the traffic jams and lights!

The new highway is called Circunvalación Santo Domingo Professor Juan Bosch, in honor of the late ex-President. It has various sections which are still not completed, but some are already functioning, Section I and Section II the first phase of the latter is 16.5 km long, going from kilometer 23 of the Duarte highway to the community of La Punta, from the municipality North Santo Domingo (above you will find the toll fee).

Keep these new rates in mind, or check back with us whenever you’re getting ready to hit the road! We will also let you know when the new highway is close to completion so you can breeze by Santo Domingo if you need to!

*In text pictures from rdvial.gob.do.