Altos de Chavon

Rain, music, dance and love at Luis Fonsi’s concert!

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A very popular merengue of the 80’s by Fernando Villalona states; “The rain does not ruin my party” and this was exactly what the crowd the got together last Saturday, June 9th had in mind! After it started raining everybody waited shielded by what they could find but did not move whilst they patiently waited for the concert to start. 

At 8:30 p.m. the young Dominican artist Tommy Alva got on stage with a group of dancers. He sang four songs “Llámame”, “Tú lo sabes bien”, “Báilame así” and “Chiquilín”. Part of the audience sang along with him, others asked who he was, but in general, his presentation was entertaining and pumped up the audience who was ready to receive Luis Fonsi. “Thanks, Chavón. A year ago I was sitting there like you and today I am opening for Luis Fonsi. I am very happy,” he said.

A few minutes after this presentation it started to rain and did not stop for almost an hour delaying the show. A member of the artist’s team had to come out on stage and announce that the singer was ready and they were just waiting for the rain to stop, to which the crowd started chanting for him to come out. His team member went on to explain that because there was electricity on the stage and it was very dangerous to sing in those conditions. Luis Fonsi even posted a picture on his Instagram page “I’m not afraid of the rain. As soon as we can turn on the equipment and I can come out, I will be there with you. Thanks for waiting for me Altos De Chavon.”

At 10:22 pm the lights turned on, the music started playing and the Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsi came out to the stage and started the concert with his song “Corazón en la maleta.” After this song, with guitar in hand, he thanked everybody for coming and waiting amidst the rain “Today we are going to have a good time,” he said in the middle of the euphoria.

He continued with “Nada es para siempre”, “Gritar”, and “Apaga la luz”. He reminded us why romance never goes out of style with “Llueve por dentro” and “Quisiera poder olvidarme de ti”. Before singing “Llegaste tú”, the single he recorded with Juan Luis Guerra, he stated “It’s one of my favorite compositions. It is a song that I wrote thinking of only one person (his daughter Mikaela). It’s a song that when I finished writing it, I said to myself ‘the only thing that would make this song even more special is if I can sing it along with one of my favorite artist of all times’, that artist who taught me to write songs, Juan Luis Guerra, and he agreed to sing it with me.”

The star returned with another catchy song, “Calypso” with a Hawaiian wave that moved more than one and promises to be a success. He followed with a potpourri of his most popular romantic ballads which included “Quisiera poder olvidarme de ti”, “Qué quieres de mí”, “Abrazar la vida”, “Aunque estés con él” and “Respira”. Changing the mood once again he sang “Claridad”, “Échame la culpa” with a video of Demi Lovato singing along with him and the much awaited “Despacito” just before midnight after which he went backstage but immediately returned to sing another of his timeless hits “Aquí estoy yo” with the whole audience singing along with him ending the concert on a high note.

concert pictures by @ghplive

Below is a selection of photos taken by Agustin Fernandez during the Luis Fonsi concert at the Altos de Chavón Amphitheater:

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