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Ramon Tilanus, a 10th grade pupil at the Abraham Lincoln is selling ‘Leave Your Clothes’ T-shirts to help raise money for Haiti – in this article Ramon explains the scheme and exactly how you can help!

An easy way for you to help.

Ever since the first earthquake struck Haiti the people of our country have been showing concern. Not only for those who were and still are in the disaster but also for those Haitians here in the DR who have family back home.

There are many who have been asking how people can donate and assist Haiti using their own resources. We have come to realize that this may be the most challenging task of all. How do you get the water and rice from the trunk of your car to those starving individuals in Haiti? This is not only expensive but also extremely time consuming.

This is where the company Seavis Tours comes into play. This company organizes excursions for tourists throughout the DR. Being specialists in logistical work already, the company has the tools for the transportation of supplies.

Seavis Tours has compiled a relief action called the LYC initiative (Leave your Clothes). This action was originally directed at the DR’s ever expanding tourism sector to encourage tourists to donate clothing in aid of Haiti. The initiative has taken on many other forms since. From water to medical supplies are now part of the convoys being sent to Haiti.

Together with the AJEDH (a local distributional committee in Haiti) run by the company’s sales manager the goods are successfully distributed among the residents living in Croix des Bouguets on the outskirts of Port-Au-Prince.

For more info and photo’s of the crisis in Haiti, visit:http://www.seavisbayahibe.com/relief_e.htm or email: ajtilanus@gmail.com

An easy way for you to help:

I am selling T-shirts to raise money to fund convoys taking supplies to Haiti. This T-shirt is shown in the photo of the two handsome gentlemen above and below! The price is RD$400 for one. It costs me RD$250 to make. And so RD$150 is going to Haiti.

For additional donations please contact Alexander Tilanus via the email address supplied in the article.

Thank you for your support already. Let’s make a difference!

Article contributed by Ramon Tilanus – Thank you Ramon!

And here the boys ‘model’ the back of the T-Shirts: