casa de campo entrance 8

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Have you been using the new Casa de Campo entrance? A few months ago we let our readers know that Costasur had opened this new and improved entrance for villa owners as a soft-launch to the formal opening which would take place once the final details were ready. Every day we see progress and it seems like the entrance will soon be officially opened!

Costasur seems to be hard at work as the landscaping is looking greener and lush. Each of the 3 roundabouts that lead up to the intersection with the road to Los Altos and Altos de Chavón has a different selection of plants, bushes and palm trees which give them each a different character and flare. The landscaping towards the side of the road is also looking much more like what we are used to seeing in Casa de Campo, roads with the signature pebbles bordering the road.

The new reception and villa owners club seem to be mostly moved in and art pieces are already hung on the walls! A huge Casa de Campo sign is completed right before the main entrance after getting off of the highways. Another one seems to be in the works.

Costasur is making some amazing progress, and although we are not sure about when the new entrance will be officially open for the public, we can assume that Costasur is getting ready for the Holiday season that is fast approaching!

If you have not done so yet, we encourage you to check it all out! You can enter and exit through this new entrance if you have an automatic pass. If you do not, you can still transit the road from the inside, but must head over to the current main entrance to exit.