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Prepare for a rainy weekend

Minitas Beach Casa de Campo

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Minitas Beach Casa de CampoAs Winnie the Pooh once said… “tut, tut, it looks like rain!” This weekend it looks like we can expect some rain in the Eastern region of the Dominican Republic. 

Just a brief shower? Sadly not – there’s a “tropical wave” heading towards us from the east.

Fortunately a “tropical wave” is the most insignificant and unthreatening of all the types of tropical weather we experience here in the Dominican Republic, so other than some rain, we shouldn’t experience too many ill-effects! A tropical wave is a “low pressure system” or a cluster of thunder storms, which can, under the right circumstances, develop into more severe tropical weather – such as tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes (not expected in this case.)

This tropical wave, which is currently located over the Mona passage (between Punta Cana and Puerto Rico) is heading in a westerly direction (towards the Dominican Republic) and is expected to bring rain and thunderstorms to the entire country, all weekend.

So although this is bad news for my plans to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding and sunbathing at Minitas Beach – it looks like here in Casa de Campo and La Romana we can expect nothing worse than wet feet and the need for an umbrella!

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