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How to prepare your Casa de Campo villa for sale

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IMG_8772_3_4The real estate market is competitive. So if you’re interested in selling your Casa de Campo villa, then it’s important to take some time to understand the potential buyers and present your villa in the best light.

When buyers consider a second home one thing that’s important is the ease of moving in. They don’t want to spend the time and money to renovate and re-furnish villas. So preparing your villa for showing and selling is very important. Spending a little extra effort on this can yield significant economic rewards.

Here are some tips to help the process:

1- Renovate and re-furnish

Renovate and re-furnish based on what is most attractive to potential buyers, not your personal taste. Be thorough, but not lavish. Do what is necessary to make the villa fresh and ready for immediate move-in. Try to give the villa an airy, spacious feel that is consistent with the most attractive villas in Casa de Campo. Neutral colors are recommended.

  • Colors: clear, natural, and all things white or close to white. By using simple white, one is able to create more visual spacious surroundings, enhancing lighting and freshness. 
  • Materials: wood becomes the star, both for the furniture and for the building itself. For the rest of the decor one can opt for natural finishes, or painted wood. 
  • Textures and Fabrics: the presence of natural textures and lightweight fabrics creates a cooler, more dynamic environment and allows the free passage of natural light.

2- Depersonalize the villa

Remove all photos and personal items so the prospective buyer can imagine himself there.

3- Be particularly careful with the bathroom and kitchen

These areas should show off cleanliness. Thoroughly clean all tiles and grout, remove signs of moisture or mold in the joints, place new and unused towels in the bathroom, remove all utensils from view in the kitchen. Clear out any clutter and all accessories in general.

4- First impressions

First impressions are very important, so pay special attention to create a welcoming entrance. The front door should be washed, even repainted if necessary. 

5- Landscaping

Finally, make sure your landscape is in good order. Mow the lawn, trim the shrubs and plants to give a clear picture of order and cleanliness. Ensure that pool has been given proper maintenance.


This article was contributed by Idarmis Cucurullo de Velazquez.

Photography by Lauren Llenas.

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