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Post-Hurricane Irene Casa de Campo Update!

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Goodbye Hurricane Irene! Now that Hurricane Irene has well and truly gone (except it is still raining….), life in Casa de Campo can get back to normal – here is a quick summary of which Casa de Campo services and facilities are open and which are closed.

UPDATE, Thursday August 25th: All of Casa de Campo’s facilities, shops and restaurants are now open as normal!

The following information applies for WEDNESDAY AUGUST 24th only – by tomorrow Casa de Campo’s facilites should be open as normal.

Playa Minitas / Minitas Beach – CLOSED
Due to the storm surge and heavy rains caused by Hurricane Irene, Minitas Beach remains closed. However, there is currently an army of Casa de Campo workers at the Playa Minitas (I know I went to have a look), who are cleaning and working hard to restore Minitas to it’s former glory!
Minitas Beach is expected to re-open later TODAY or tomorrow.

The Beach Club By Le Cirque  at Minitas Beach – CLOSED
Despite it’s close proximity to the ocean, the Beach Club by Le Cirque fortunately did not suffer any real damage. The restaurant is currently closed to allow for it to be cleaned up (some small debris was blown in from the ocean).
The Beach Club by Le Cirque is expected to re-open TOMORROW, however if the weather today is favorable (i.e no rain) it may open for dinner tonight.

Horse-Riding at the Casa de Campo Dude Ranch – CLOSED this morning, OPEN this afternoon
The Casa de Campo Dude Ranch is closed this morning, but is expected to re-open for horse-back riding excursions and trail rides this afternoon.

Tennis at La Terraza Tennis Club – OPEN
The Casa de Campo tennis centre is open as normal.

Casa de Campo Golf – OPEN (ish)
Being a world-famous golf resort, Casa de Campo strives to keep it’s golfing facilities open as much as possible BUT also in the best possible condition, for that reason the Casa de Campo golf courses are open, but can only be played ON FOOT – because use of golf carts will damage the grass. If you don’t want to have to carry your golf clubs yourself, please enquire at the golf shops to hire a caddy.
Teeth of the Dog: OPEN (no golf carts allowed)
Dye Fore: OPEN (no golf carts allowed)
Links: CLOSED (for renovations until December – click here to find out more)
The Practice Range at Dye Fore: Open as normal

The Cygalle Healing Spa – OPEN

The Casa de Campo Gym – OPEN

Casa de Campo Restaurants – OPEN
All Casa de Campo restaurants are open as normal, with the exception of the Beach Club by Le Cirque.

Privately ran/owned restaurants in Casa de Campo  – OPEN
As far as we know all other restaurants in Casa de Campo in Altos de Chavón and the Marina Casa de Campo are open as normal.
(With the exception of Oneburger in Altos de Chavón, which is closed for the season)

Shops in Casa de Campo
Yesterday in the Marina Casa de Campo and Altos de Chavón, many of the Casa de Campo resort’s store and boutiques were closed – however today all the stores should be open for business as normal!

Have a great day!

Current Weather Conditions in Casa de Campo La Romana
First thing this morning (from 7am – 9.30am) it wasn’t too bad, a little bit windy but not rainy.
Sadly right now (10am) it’s started to rain again!

Wednesday August 24th, 10am: It’s raining again in Altos de Chavón, Casa de Campo La Romana!

As I have said many times before I’m more of a ‘”weather fanatic” (it’s a British thing), than a “weather expert” – but here is an expertly photo-shopped image to explain why I think it is raining now! Also notice in the diagram that it looks like it might stop raining soon…or at least it will rain less!!
(If anyone has any “weather girl” job openings, please contact me – details below!)

Dominican Republic / Casa de Campo Weather: Rain now…less rain soon!

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This article was written by Rebecca Hughes, editor of Casa de Campo Living and Casa de Campo’s entertainment specialist!

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Altos de Chavón, Casa de Campo

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