Porsche club 1

Tomorrow, Saturday August 2nd, the Dominican Republic’s Porsche Club is coming to the Marina Casa de Campo!

New owner of Pepperoni in the Marina Casa de Campo, Jean Pierre Bassa contacted Casa de Campo Living to let us know about this great luxury car viewing opportunity!

The 35 Porsches and their owners who are coming to Casa de Campo from all across the Dominican Republic, will be arriving to the Marina Casa de Campo at about 11:30 and are expected to stay until about 3pm. The group will enjoy lunch at Peperoni.

While in the Marina Casa de Campo the 35 Porsches will be on display at the front of the Plaza Portofino, in the area to the left side of Peperoni restaurant. That means that if you’re interested in luxury cars, tomorrow is a great day to head over to the Marina Casa de Campo and take an oogle at these beautiful vehicles.

The gathering is being organised by Dr. Ureña, president of the Porsche Club along with Jean Pierre Bassa, who is also a club member.