Polo Challenge RD Caribbean Open
Bete Donovan and Juanchi Ambroggio (ph: Matías Callejo)

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Fields 2 and 3 in Casa de Campo hosted Day 3 of the Caribbean Open. Early in the morning on Field 3, Cinque Terre and Casa de Campo kicked off the day. Cinque Terre had a great start, scoring before their opponents, thanks to Cubi Toccalino who was assisted by Nacho Novillo Astrada and managed to score the first goal of the day. Swiftly, Alessandro Bazzoni’s team established a 3-0 difference in the first three minutes of play, thanks to the goals by the Toccalinos, and one by Novillo Astrada. Casa de Campo caught up with them, and the first chukka ended on 2-4.

The second chukka was quite even but on the third one Casa de Campo managed to establish themselves and got the game to a tie by halftime, 5-5. On the second part of the game, Santi Toccalino scored twice for his team, leading now by 8-5. The last chukka was a very open one, and Cinque Terre expanded the lead to conquer the game by 11-7. Their next challenge will be the duel on Wednesday against HPA, searching for their spot on the grand final.

Progression Cinque Terre: 4-2, 5-3, 5-5, 6-5, 8-5, 11-7.

Cinque Terre: Alessandro Bazzoni (1 goal), Cubi Toccalino (3), Santiago Toccalino (4), Nacho Novillo Astrada (3).
Casa de Campo: Leo Matos (1 goal), Pancho bensadon (2), Bete Donovan (2), Fred Mannix (2).

Lechuza vs. HPA

Later in the afternoon, the undefeated Lechuza faced HPA. Both teams had scored triumphs on their first Caribbean Open matches. Esteban Panelo replaced Julian Mannix on HPA. It was a closed game with not so many goals for the first 4 chukkas. But Lechuza managed to always stay up front and control the ball. As a matter of fact, the first goal of the match was converted by Juan Martin Nero.

From then onwards, there were goal opportunities on both sides. Pelon Stirling opened the game when he scored twice on the third chukka, leading Lechuza to reach halftime winning by 4-1. Finally on the fifth period, the teams managed to score more and the game was opened once again. Victor Vargas and Nero converted for their team that reached the 6th chukka leading by 7-4. On the last one, Vargas and Deltour scored again, and the game ended on 8-5.

Progression Lechuza: 1-0, 2-1, 4-1, 4-2, 7-4, 8-5.

Lechuza: Víctor Vargas (3 goals), Lalo James, Pelon Stirling (2), Juanma Nero (3).
HPA: Esteban Panelo, Gonzalo Deltour (3 goals), Juanchi Ambroggio, Toto Collardín (2).

Polo Challenge RD 2017 continues on Wednesday with the following matches:
Cinque Terre vs. HPA
Lechuza vs. Casa de Campo

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Casa de Campo
Leo Matos
Francisco Bensadon
Silvestre Donovan
Fred Mannix

Lechuza Caracas
Victor Vargas
Andres James
David Stirling
Juan Martin Nero

Cinque Terre
Alessandro Bazzoni
Ignacio Toccalino
Santiago Toccalino
Ignacio Novillo Astrada

Agualinda HPA
Julian Mannix
Juan Ambroggio
Gonzalo Deltour
Gerardo Collardin


Wednesday April 12th
Casa de Campo vs. Lechuza
Cinque Terre vs. Agualinda-HPA

Friday, April 14th
Subsidiary finals
3 vs. 4

Final Caribbean Open
1 vs. 2


Polo Challenge RD

Polo Challenge RDThe Polo Challenge represents Polo’s first high season in Central America and the Caribbean based in the Dominican Republic. The series of 4 tournaments of up to 22 goals is made during the months of January to April and is conformed by: Gold Cup, Silver Cup, Bronze Cup and Caribbean Open.

Casa de Campo, Los Establos / Cap Cana, and Lechuza are the 3 chosen venues, with first level courts prepared to receive players of the size of the 10 handicap goals. The Polo Challenge is an event for the whole family that inaugurates its first season in January 2016.