Polo Challenge RD 2017
Polo Challenge RD 2017 (ph: Matias Callejo)

From this past weekend’s Polo Challenge RD games, the semifinals have been defined for the 12-goal category: Pitirri will face Costasur; while La Potranca will do the same with Casa de Campo this coming Friday, March 24th. Stay tuned for the results on yesterday’s polo match between Casa de Campo and Sebucan-HPA at Casa de Campo 3.

Gold Cup (22-Goal): Second Win for Cinque Terre

Thursday March 16th, Cinque Terre and Casa de Campo met to fight for a chance to be on the run for the Gold Cup. HB Polo and Lechuza Caracas are so far, the only undefeated teams that have high chances on the finals. It was a great and open game, where Cinque Terre was able to take the lead immediately. By half-time, they were 4-3 ahead of the local team, Casa de Campo. Finally, they managed to stretch out the difference even more through the 4th chukka, 7-4. The game ended on 9-6 in favor of the team of the Italian Patron Alessandro Bazzoni.

Polo Challenge RD 2017 (ph: Matias Callejo)

Gold Cup (22-Goal): New Win by Lechuza and the Semifinals are set in the 12-Goal

On Friday, March 17th, two games from the 12-goal and 22-goal category took place in the Dominican Republic. The first match belonged to the 22-goal category, HB Polo vs. Sebucan-HPA. It was a very even match, that ended in 11-10 in favor of the team of the French patron Ludovic Pailloncy. The second match of the day, from the 12-goal category, was between Casa de Campo and Costasur. The local team, Casa de Campo, won by 10-8.

Then, on Saturday March 18th, another two matches were held. The first match was the battle between the two undefeated teams, HB Polo and Lechuza Caracas. The Venezuelan team proved once more that it is a well-oiled machine and was able to take the lead from the 1st chukka and keep it up throughout all the game. On the 5th period, they managed to extend the difference by 3 goals, and the game finally ended in 10-7 in favor of Victor Vargas’ team. The 12-goal category also had a game that day, Pitirri El Palenque, possibly the best team of the category, won once again over La Potranca by 13-10. The semi-finals have now been defined for the category: this Friday, Pitirri will face Costasur; while La Potranca will do the same with Casa de Campo.

Polo Challenge RD 2017 (ph: Matias Callejo)

22-Goal Gold Cup teams:

Leo Matos
Ramiro Garrós
Francisco Bensadón
Silvestre Donovan

Alessandro Bazzoni
Juan Ambroggio
Santiago Toccalino
Gerardo Collardin

Victor Vargas
Alfredo Vargas
David Stirling
Juan M. Nero

Ludovic Pailloncy
Gonzalo Deltour
Ignacio Novillo Astrada
Andrés James

Gonzalo Mendoza
Julian Mannix
Ignacio Toccalino
Fred Mannix

The Polo Challenge RD

The Polo Challenge represents Polo’s first high season in Central America and the Caribbean based in the Dominican Republic. The series of 4 tournaments of up to 22 goals is made during the months of January to April and is conformed by: Gold Cup, Silver Cup, Bronze Cup and Caribbean Open.

Casa de Campo, Los Establos / Cap Cana and Lechuza are the 3 chosen venues, with first level courts prepared to receive players of the size of the 10 handicap goals. The Polo Challenge is an event for the whole family that inaugurates its first season in January 2016.