Pointe dance school in the center of La Romana is preparing a spectacular “HIP HOP LIVE” performance produced by the school and directed by experienced choreographers and dancers Jose Carlos Santana and Jeifri Carlos Sosa.

The group “Varsity Crew” from Dominicus will also perform, and in addition, Pointe has invited various popular artists, journalists and cultural representatives from the community to be part of this great collaboration. Dance motivates young people to express themselves in a fun and entertaining way.

The show will take place in Alianza Juvenil located in the entrance of North Buena Vista, La Romana on Saturday May 7, 2016. The night will be a fantastic display of lights, energy, music and choreography with over 50 young students from ages 4 to 16. They are working hard to prepare, and are incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated to putting on an awesome show.

Many of the participants are even from the Casa de Campo community! Don’t miss the opportunity to go and show them your support! For more information see below.


When: Saturday May 7th 2016, 7pm

Where: Alianza Juvenil, North Buena Vista

Cost: RD$200.00

More information contact:

Pointé Centro de Danzas

Calle Francisco Richiez,

No 35, in front of Scotiabank

Tel: 809-556-2808 or 829-380-8444 (whatsapp)

Email: centro.pointe@gmail.com

Opening Times: Monday – Friday, 8am – 12pm and  3pm – 8pm.