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A night of “Poetry under the moon” in honor of Dr. José López Larache

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A few weeks ago, members of the Casa de Campo and La Romana community got together in honor of José F. López Larache with a poetry reading in La Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima, hosted by Jenny Polanco. Dr. José López is a renowned doctor who lives in La Romana and runs an important medical center. Born in 1955, he is both a medic and a poet, a passionate writer and lover of horses.


To the members of the Casa de Campo and La Romana community, he is probably best known as ‘Dr. López’ the Director of the Central Romana Hospital, having held that position for over 15 years. He studied medicine at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) in Santo Domingo, and then specialized in the United States in New York.


As a poet, he has published numerous books: “Ruptura del Silencio” (1997), “Poemas Para un Olvido” (2006), “Rupturas del Silencio, y Poemas Para un Olvido” (2008), and “Las Garzas del Batey No Tienen Apellido” (2010). Up on the rooftop of the Aldea, ladies and gentlemen gathered under the moon and stars to enjoy a night of beautiful poetry and cocktails. Hilda Peguera was the master of ceremony presenting some of the esteemed guests, which included renown poetry writer, Denis Mota Álvarez who read excerpts of his works including the very popular, “Rosa la Cumbanchera”; and  Alfonso Trinidad, journalist, historian, and poetry writer of beautiful sonnets: Redentora visión de un claro amanecer, solemnes reflejos de belleza triunfal, costumbre boreal de claridad celestial, en la comisura sagrada de una boca de mujer”.


Dr. José López also took the microphone himself, transforming himself into another man of such elegant words that moved us all in such a beautiful way. A wonderful night of poetry indeed.

The collection of pictures below were taken by Laura Perdomo on Sunday March 5th, during “Poetry under the Moon” in honor of Dr. José López:

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