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The Shooting Center may be a mystery to a few Casa de Campo guests and residents, but this Saturday that all changes… The entire community is welcome to explore and get to know more about what’s considered one of the best shooting facilities in the world in this week’s “Friendly Clay Shooting” competition.

This Saturday, August 20th we are invited to join Jake Pike, Casa de Campo’s Shooting Center director, for an exciting day of shooting at Casa de Campo’s world-renowned Shooting Center with fabulous prizes for the winners!

We have had a great time and seen some great shooters during these tournaments! So, if you haven’t had a chance to participate, or would like to give it a try once again, this is something you should definitely try out this weekend! It’s an excellent opportunity to have fun, learn more about the shooting center, and embark on an amazing new adventure! Call to reserve your spot!

Hope to see you all there!