Have you been looking to go out and explore new parts of the island and nearby beaches? If so, Quetzal & Cata Excursions is for you! Welcome to the prestigious private Quetzal catamaran where Captain Bernard and his energetic French-Belgian-Dominican staff offer incredible catamaran trips to Isla Catalina and to Isla Saona all year round.  

Why choose Quetzal? Because the boat is top notch and the staff is passionate about what they do!  Captain Bernard, a sailing school graduate from France, has spent the majority of his life on the ocean.  Nearly eight years ago in 2010, Captain Bernard unpacked his bags and decided to make our Caribbean paradise his new forever home. He spent three years building his 75-foot boat to perfection, and since its completion in 2013, he has been taking people of all ages from all over the world on excursions.  His goal is to ensure each guest feels welcomed, safe, and part of his catamaran family. He creates this atmosphere with the help of his dedicated crew members, Sarah, Fabrizio, Bebo, and Mello. Sarah and Fabrizio, originally from Belgium, left their old life behind for a chance to sail the seas and share the beauty of this island with visitors. Bebo and Mello, Dominican natives, have been around since the construction of the catamaran and take care of the boat before, during, and after all excursions ensuring everything is in tip-top shape. Not only is this crew committed to your safety, but they are also passionate about creating and sharing moments with you, guaranteeing every excursion to be a lasting memory with new and old friends alike.  

The catamaran runs on solar energy and has six cabins and five wash closets. There is an open kitchen and living room, protected outdoor sun lounge, two swimming platforms, a large sunbathing deck, Wi-Fi connection, outdoor speakers and complimentary snorkel equipment.  While the boat has a 50 person capacity, Captain Bernard allows at max 25 people during public group trips to ensure safety and keep each excursion intimate.  You may also choose to take the Quetzal catamaran out privately, with a max of 40 guests.

There are a variety of trips that Quetzal & Cata excursions offer. If you chose to take a public day trip, you have the choice of going to either Catalina or Saona. If public group trips aren’t your preferred excursion style, you can rent the Quetzal catamaran for private daytime excursions to either or both islands! If you’re looking to experience an overnight adventure, you can book the Quetzal for a 2 day – 1 night trip for up to eight guests!  This unique journey is available from March-October and is perfect for family and friends looking to adventure and try something new!

On top of boat trips, Quetzal & Cata Excursions now offer buggy trips! On this two and a half hour trip starting at 9 am, you’ll get the chance to discover parts of the island that not everyone gets to see. First, you’ll drive through sugar cane fields and stop at a batey, a small town occupied by sugar cane cutters. After experiencing this part of Dominican culture, you’ll follow dirt trails to the Chavon river.  Here, you’ll be able to take a refreshing swim and admire the views that have been in many Hollywood films. The tour then proceeds to a banana plantation where you’ll be able to taste bananas and other delicious native snacks. Last but not least, you’ll enjoy a glass of Dominican rum and finish the fabulous tour. This buggy experience gives you a first-hand look inside many of the important industries in the country and allows you to explore beyond the coastline.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re in the mood to explore the sea or experience beautiful inland areas of the island, Quetzal & Cata Excursions has something for everyone to enjoy!

Cata Excursions

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