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A piece of Dominican history: commemorating 170 years since the “Batalla del 19 de Marzo”

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batalla-del-19-de-marzo-hoy_heaRecently, on February 27th the Dominican Republic celebrated 170 years of Independence, proclaiming itself as a free and independent nation; but the war for freedom did not end there. Following the declaration of Independence on February 27th 1844, Haiti attempted to reclaim the country for themselves.

Today we commemorate 170 years since the battle known as the “Batalla del 19 de Marzo”, the Battle of March 19th.

On March 19th, 1844, 2,200 Dominican troops led by the General Pedro Santana collided with an army of 10,000 Haitians soldiers led by the General Souffront. The battle took place in Azua (a province located in the southern region of the Dominican Republic),and following much bloodshed, the Dominican troops defeated the Haitian army, who sought to stop the independence movements of the Dominicans.

History tells us that this battle took place from 7:30 am, when the Haitian troops, divided into three groups attempted to cross the Haitian-Dominican border and to penetrate our country in 3 different places. These tactics were thwarted by the courageous Dominican army soldiers who gallantly and fearlessness defended our newly proclaimed independence.

For years following February 27th, 1844, both the Dominican Republic and Haiti, struggled for the complete possession of the island called Hispaniola.

Today we are grateful that both nations, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, live side by side in peace and harmony.

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