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Photo insight into the Rolex Farr 40 Regatta

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Billowing sails, rolex farr 40 regatta, marina casa de campo

The Rolex Farr 40 regatta sailing race started this week on Wednesday the 21st of April with races taking place everyday leaving from the Marina Casa de Campo around 11am.

These photos taken by Ken Klein and sent to us by his wife Charlene Klein give us a great insight into the event.

The boats lining up on the startingg line:

Rolex Farr 40, marina casa de campo

The boats closing in on the finishing line:

The crews closing in on the finish line - the rolex farr 40, marina casa de campo

Tomorrow is the last day of the Rolex Farr 40 regatta and the winning crew will be crowned during a prize-giving ceremony during the evening.

Do you have any photos of the regatta? If you do please send them to: [email protected]

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