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Photo Essay: Classic Palmilla

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Palmilla, Palmilla – oh how we love thee! Palmilla is a natural swimming pool off the coast of Casa de Campo and just about everyone’s favourite place to kick back, relax or party! In this photo essay, we bring you photos of ‘classic’ palmilla scenes.

The Gathering a.k.a the Yacht-lot
Whether it’s a long weekend or a special holiday, there is always one scene you’re guaranteed to see on a busy Palmilla day and that’s the ‘Yacht-lot.’ The ‘Yacht-lot’ is the when all the yachts try to fit together to create a circle or central party area between all the yachts – people will spend literally a half hour trying to park their vessel, so that they’re in the midst of the action – being on the outside will simply not do!


Sea-Noodles and floaters – the manly way to drink champagne
Being at Palmilla is like being in one enormous party area, the yachts are the VIP areas and if you want to move around, socialise, meet people, the best and easiest way is to use a noodle or float – the only way to swim and still drink champagne.


The Palmilla Chofer
Palmilla, just like everywhere else in Casa de Campo is ‘the place to be seen’ which if you’re a woman means you’re probably wearing your best, most expensive sunglasses, bikini, full make-up and if it’s a very important occasion (like New Year’s) freshly done hair – so actually getting in the sea is simply not an option. That’s why travelling my tender is so popular – it’s the perfect way to check out the party and have the party check out you!


Champagne, Champagne, Champage…..
Forget beer, spirits and wine, the drink of choice while living it up at Palmilla is ALWAYS Champagne, nothing else will do.  On this particular trip we consumed in excess of 52 bottles – is that right?


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