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Yet another story of an incredible mother-daughter team! Xioma Matos and Xiomara Menendez, who together run the Patronato Bénefico Oriental and the Hogar del Niño charities, have just launched yet another project – a new daycare center for 1,000 children!


Last Tuesday in a ceremony led by the governor of La Romana, Juan José Medrano, the Founder and Emeritus President of PBO, Xiomara Menendez and her daughter, the current president of PBO, Xioma Matos, conducted the ground-breaking ceremony for the new daycare center which, when completed, will have a capacity to care for 1,000 children.

The total construction will be 2400m² proving to be not only a big and meaningful project to this organization, the community of La Romana, but also the entire Dominican Republic.

The land for the project was kindly donated by Central Romana Corporation, a gesture of support for this new initiative which will change the lives of many children – by providing a safe and loving place for the children of working mothers. The new facility will allow even more women of La Romana to go to work in peace, knowing that their children are in good hands.

The current Hogar del Niño, which since 1976 has been a great success, will be used as a model for the new project.

Also in attendance at the ceremony was the Dominican Minister of Labor, Maritza Hernandez, the Director of Daycare Administration, Lilian Rodriguez and the General Director of the Dominican Institute of Social Security, Sabino Báez.

Xiomara Matos thanked everybody for their support, especially the “Administradora de Estancias Infantiles”, an organisation which oversees the operation of all daycare centres in the Dominican Republic, who for the last 5 years have supported the Patronato Benéfico Oriental on this journey to creating a new daycare centre in La Romana.


Congratulations PBO, and to Xioma Matos and Xiomara Menedez, we can’t wait to hear more about this incredible new project!

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