Altos de Chavon

Pavel Nuñez and Sam Castro Band Rocked Chavon over the Holidays

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i-wWbNZS6-LDuring the Holiday Season in Casa de Campo we enjoyed countless events, from symphonic music concerts, ballet performances, pop and merengue concerts to dramatizations, most of these activities taking place at the famous artists village, Altos de Chavon.

This time we share photos of two concerts held at Plaza Chavon two days in a row, Pop on the Rocks with Pavel Nuñez, on Sunday, December 27th and Fiesta on the Rocks with the Sam Castro Band, on Monday, December 28th.

The Dominican singer Pavel Nuñez delighted his fans with good music on a magical evening under the stars at Plaza Chavon. Wait, you said a magical night under the stars? Yes, check it out yourself with this collection of photos taken by Alejandro Heredia during the concert Pop on the Rocks with Pavel Nuñez: 

PicMonkey Collage

The following night and on the same stage, on Monday, December 28th everyone danced merengue to the contagious rhythm of the drums and güira of Sam Castro Band, a great way to warm up the engines for all New Year’s Eve parties that were approaching in those days.

Take a look at the pictures taken during Fiesta on the Rocks with Sam Castro Band: 

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