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Paula Dominguez wins the “Caffé Swimwear Bikini Girl” contest!

paula dominguez

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paula dominguezCongratulations Paula! Following nearly 2 weeks of voting, we are thrilled to announce that Paula Dominguez is the “Caffé Swimwear Bikini Girl.”

img_0919The “Caffé Swimwear Bikini Girl” contest was part of the 2nd annual “Joli-day Beach” celebration held on Minitas Beach in Casa de Campo on Saturday November the 26th.

Throughout the afternoon, whilst Casa de Campo’s little ones enjoyed the water games and Casa de Campo’s parents enjoyed sunbathing and drinking chilled Coors Light Beers, 6 beautiful girls from the Casa de Campo community took part in a photo shoot for the “Caffé Swimwear Bikini Girl.”

Following the photo shoot, we published the photos of the girls and gave YOU (our Casa de Campo living readers) the opportunity to vote for your favorite – and although all the girls received many votes, we can only have one winner and that winner is Paula! Congratulations Paula!

As winner of the “Caffé Swimwear Bikini Girl” contest, Paula has won a Caffé Swimwear Bikini – which she will choose for herself at the Caffé Swimwear store in Blue Mall, Santo Domingo.

PHOTO CREDIT: The “Caffé Swimwear Bikini Girl” photo shoot was donated by Talento A Domicilio!

About Caffé Swimwear

Caffé Swimwear is a Columbian luxury women’s beachwear line, which has developed into an internationally stylish brand present in 38 countries worldwide and favored by many celebrities and style icons such as Michelle Rodriguez, Coleen Rooney, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus!

For those looking for a new beach look to flaunt this holiday season in Casa de Campo – Caffé Swimwear has a store in Blue Mall, Santo Domingo!

About Joli-Day Beach 2011!

This year the Joli-Day Beach celebration was sponsored by United Brands with Coors Light Beer and Ketel One Vodka, whose support allowed us to organize a fun-filled day with the “Super Tobogán” water slide and the bungee run as well as the water roller and giant inflatable human beach balls!

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• Thank You United Brands! Coors Light and Ketel One Vodka put the “joli” in Joli-Day Beach!

Casa de Campo Photo of the Week: Vin Diesel Canoeing at Minitas Beach

About Talento A Domicilio 

Talento A Domicilio are a high-quality services agency, who have an office in the Marina Casa de Campo and with their extensive team of professionals they offer services to suit your every need! They have photographers, a videographer, chef, computer specialist, music teacher, driver/chofer, personal trainer, languages teacher, singers, waiters, a very friendly personal assistant and much much more!

They also run MISTRAL, a new restaurant in the Marina Casa de Campo – click here for photos and info!

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