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Parties in Casa: “Alicia in wonderland” wishes Caelin and Mariangelica a Happy Birthday!

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Last Saturday the 5th of June “Alicia in Wonderland” came to Casa de Campo and a very bizarre set of events occurred at the joint Birthday party of Caelin Gorman and Mariangelica Rosario. 

The entire garden area had been specially set up for the party with “Alicia in Wonderland” decorations and a nice tent area for the parents to relax in.

It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was shining, the children were running all over the garden drinking juice and eating chips and happily amusing themselves, when suddenly a very strange girl, by the name of Alicia appeared and turned the whole party topsy turvey! And so a very muddled story begins….

Alicia appears in the garden arguing with her governess and instead of studying she goes to sleep! Unfortunatly, poor Alicia is woken from her sleep by a white rabbit, who is very late!

Alicia meets the White Rabbit, who is late for a very important date!
alicia_in_wonderland_parties_in _casa_casa_de_campo_living

Alicia decides to follow the white rabbit, but the white rabbit disappears! Alicia runs through the garden trying to find the white rabbit and all the confused party guests and the birthday girls follow…..

Alicia argues with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and everyone gets confused!
alicia_in_wonderland_parties_in _casa_casa_de_campo_living

Alicia desperately wants to find the white rabbit! She finds herseld lost in a flowerbed with some very mean flowers! The flowers think that Alicia is a very ugly and a very strange flower indeed!

The flowers tell poor Alicia to go away!
alicia_in_wonderland_parties_in _casa_casa_de_campo_living

Alicia runs away from the horrible flowers and meets a big caterpillar! “Who are you?” asks the caterpillar, “I am Alicia” replies Alicia.

The caterpillar isn’t very nice to Alicia either!!
alicia_in_wonderland_parties_in _casa_casa_de_campo_living

Alicia, followed by all the children run around the garden to try and find the white rabbit!
alicia_in_wonderland_parties_in _casa_casa_de_campo_living

Next Alicia meets the Chesire Cat, who actually helps Alicia, he tells her that everyone, including Alicia is crazy!

Alicia and the Chesire Cat!alicia_in_wonderland_parties_in _casa_casa_de_campo_living

Still very, very confused Alicia runs off again and finds herself at a very odd tea party!

The Mad Hatter and the March Hare serve tea and chase Alicia around the table!
alicia_in_wonderland_parties_in _casa_casa_de_campo_living

Alicia doesn’t like the tea party, because the Mad Hatter and the March Hare are so crazy, so she runs away again. But, suddenly, the Black queen appears with her guards, and Alicia is arrested! Alicia is blamed for all sorts of things she didn’t do and the Queen wants to chop off her head!!

“Off with her head!!!”
alicia_in_wonderland_parties_in _casa_casa_de_campo_living

In the end, the Queen let’s Alicia go and we all went inside to eat Birthday cake!

All the crazy characters from Alicia in Wonderland and all the party guest crowd around the table to sing Happy Birthday!
alicia_in_wonderland_parties_in _casa_casa_de_campo_living

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Caelin and Mariangelica!

The performance of “Alicia in Wonderland” was actually performed in Spanish and was excellent, very interactive and all the children (and parents) had a great time running around the garden enjoying the crazy story of “Alicia in Wonderland.” The play was performed by THEAMUS teatro musical from Santo Domingo.

Here are a collection of the rest of my photos taken during the party:

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