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A Parisian Café de la Leche with Caroline Muller

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Café_de_la_Leche_1What do you get when you put together a group of lovely ladies interested in giving back, with a charming host, spectacular views, and homemade treats? A beautiful Cafe de la Leche to gather milk donations for the more than 200 babies of the “Sala Cuna” (crib room) at the Hogar del Nino!

Café_de_la_LecheCaroline Muller, who became part of our community this past April and has been supporting the recent editions of Cafe de la Leche, hosted this delightful afternoon at the pool area of Building #14 in Los Altos.

As a first-time hostess Caroline took special care in preparing some homemade treats that were truly delicious… everything from chocolate covered grapes to prosciutto and cheese skewers! She also invited a Parisian friend, who made delicious cheese, beef and vegetable empanadas that were absolutely delicious.

And at the end of a lovely evening, with some cute essential oils in hand as a gift, the ladies of Cafe de la Leche once again went home after an afternoon of giving and good times – anxiously awaiting for the next one!

We hope you enjoy the collection of photos of the afternoon taken by Bryan de la Cruz at the Café de la Leche on Friday, September 4th:  

Bryan David De La Cruz
Cellphone: 809-913-0295
Instagram: @bryandavidcruz
Email: [email protected]

And the following pics were taken by Mariana Heredia: 

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