While almost impossible to think of the New Papa Jacks without drawing any comparisons to its past, or to other establishments, we will do our best to give you the details as we see them thus far. Though, we look forward to hearing from everyone their opinions as well.
There is so much to say about the new Papa Jacks.  First off – CONGRATULATIONS! We tip our hats to you as you have really made such a tremendous change to what was arguably the Altos de Chavon classic hangout. Despite extensive changes, we have no doubt that Papa Jacks will continue to please its existing fans, while gaining many more fans – both young and young at heart.

Papa Jacks has grown up… a little anyways, or better yet – just enough. The ambiance is tremendous, with a beautiful outside deck, with comfortable benches and tables around which you can gather with a few friends and enjoy the music, a few drinks, or some delicious treats. Something new, which one quickly gets accustomed to, is the addition of a few waiters to make the entire experience more enjoyable, though heading straight to the bar is not discouraged. As something new, they are still finding their rhythm, and the service can be a little slow. That being said, we’ve already seen great improvements since the opening night and are certain that this will only continue to get better!

While the outside deck is easily the most obvious and biggest change, the inside has also undergone a considerable transformation as well. The walls are lined with mirrors and paintings by the students of Altos de Chavon, which gives it a ‘trippy and groovy’ feeling. The bar has been replaced, giving the inside additional space to dance, jump, frolic, or just whatever you may think of!  The fusion of the various atmospheres is beautifully done, despite the occasional feeling that you’ve stumbled into somewhere else – though technically, you have. Alice, you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, so grab a shot of tequila and enjoy wonderland.

As if Altos de Chavon did not provide enough inspiration, the addition of the unique inside, out-side and a quick stroll over to see the river, the new Papa Jacks really does provide something stunningly different, unique and fun – in the middle of it all.
We also need to mention the food. Wow. With a completely refurbished kitchen, the Kitchen at Papa Jacks is pumping out some delicious treats. For some quick appetizers or a light snack, this is really a fantastic option – you must try the tamarindo buffalo wings, the empanadas – or really anything that the Chef is recommending.  Staying true to the artist village concept, Chef Carlos Rosario is indeed an artist, cooking with passion, creativity and flare. We’ll be providing additional reviews soon enough, but in the meantime we can already recommend a few tasty treats, such as the lasagna empanadas, the Chavon Cheese Burger, the Tamarindo Chicken Wings and of course the Piononos (stuffed sweet plantains)! 

Then there are the prices… We remember Papa Jacks providing a great value, but with all the time they where closed for remodeling, we forgot what a value they really offered.  Some of their prices are up to 50% less than the closest competition, with an atmosphere that is simply spectacular. It is possible that these are introductory prices, but hope that they will at least stick around for a few more weeks or months… so for the moment – CHEERS!
We’ll get back to you on that detail should we hear anything.  For now, let us know your comments and what you think of the new Papa Jacks.