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If you are a frequent visitor of the Altos de Chavon party scene then you might’ve heard of or even enjoyed the Resident DJ at Papajacks Disco; DJ JP. The former Abraham Lincoln School student and very talented DJ has the ability to turn a normal night into an unforgettable one; blending different types of music and creating the perfect party ambience! You can see DJ JP every Saturday – if he’s not making your body move until your bones hurt, then he’s socializing and making sure that everyone likes the music.

He’s an upcoming DJ and you can enjoy his talent every Saturday at Papajacks Disco, in Altos de Chavon.

Here’s an exclusive interview with DJ JP, where he talks about his beginnings as a DJ and his future plans.

When did you start to DJ and why?

I can hardly remember when I started to DJ, but I remember I always used to DJ in house parties for my friends, just for free, with my huge desktop computer and a massive radio I owned. I’ve always loved music and technology, as in computers. So, I just developed my two great passions into this.

What did you have to do in order to start DJing in Altos de Chavon? Was it a lot of work?

The first time I DJ in Altos de Chavon was in Onnos bar, Nathan Bailey, owner of Onno’s bar, gave me a chance – even though I was a rookie. It was a bit of hard work because I had to learn new skills to cope with a new DJ setup – it was very different to Virtual DJ, the software I had in my computer, but every night I learned new things, and I got better and better.

What type of music do you DJ / prefer and why?

I play House, Hip Hop and Reggaeton, but I personally prefer house and electronic music. As you know, I’m the resident DJ at Papajacks Disco, so I have to play the type of music people like there, although sometimes I put on some Merengue like Omega ‘El Fuerte’ and people start dancing like crazy.

What are your future plans and/or aspirations? Do you plan to DJ for a long time?

My future plans are to graduate from Marketing and keep building up my company ‘Eventos Fests’. This company is all to do with DJs, Promotion & Publicity or just anything you need for events. I plan to DJ for a long time, but not forever.

What were you like at school? Did this have any influence in you starting to  DJ?

At School I was noisy and fun (hahahaha)… but I had a good relationship with all my teachers. I don’t think school had any influence on me DJing at the beginning, but once I started developing my skills, people from school kept coming up to me every Monday and saying “Julio! Chavon was a Blast!!” This made me feel good and I always remember Miss Hughes saying, “good job last weekend”, which made me mad happy and always try harder.

Have you any other talents? If so, what?

Well, I’m good at sports. As many of my Abraham Lincoln School friends can recall, I won about five sports medals on my last assembly.

Where do you work and why did you decide to work there?

At the moment I’m the resident DJ at Papajacks Disco and I promote it’s events. I decided to work there because Sean and Dave Black gave me the opportunity to work there. I love that place – good people.

Besides from studying what do you do in the Santo Domingo?

At the moment, I’m not DJ-ing in the capital, because I DJ at Papajacks Disco every weekend, but I’m always checking out the different songs and beats that are a hit in the city. Other than that, I just go to the malls every now and then.

Why did you want to DJ? Are you happy DJing?

I wanted to DJ because I’ve loved music ever since I was a little kid. Music is something supernatural; when I’m in the DJ booth, I feel like the king of the world.

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Interview conducted by Michelle Bermudez.