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palmillaso casa de campoThis year for the second time, Casa de Campo Living hired a catamaran and sailed to Palmilla with a group of friends and special guests to join the annual Palmillaso Boat Party for New Years Eve. 
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The Casa de Campo Living Palmillaso catamaran, sponsored by Presidente beer and Ron Barcelo set sail from the Marina Casa de Campo a little before midday with an intrepid group of Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and visitors – all ready to join the most legendary party of the year; the Palmillaso in Palmilla!

Arriving to Palmilla for the Palmillaso! palmillaso casa de campo

Arriving at Palmilla we were greeted by glorious sunny weather and a growing gathering of boats and parties, and so with a Presidente in one hand and the sun lotion in the other – the day started off rather tranquilo, as we all soothed our hangovers with the help of the Presidente beers, the salty sea breeze and the expectation of the great party to come….

Chilling out with a few Presidentes before the party! palmillaso casa de campo

palmillaso casa de campoAnd so as we waited for the traditional ‘Palmillaso’ circle of boats to form and for the party to begin, our awesome group enjoyed a dip in the sea (with a few Presidentes), a little sunbathing (and a few more Presidentes), as well as a little food to line the stomach (washed down by some more Presidentes.) It wasn’t until a little later (around 3pm) that the traditional ‘Palmillaso’ circle of boats began to take shape – at which point we manovered the Casa de Campo Living catamaran around to join the throng and boat-hopped our way into the party……photos from this coming soon!

Partying in the midst of the Palmillaso 2011! palmillaso

The following are our photos of the first part of the day, when it was a little more chilled-out and before the wild party began…….

Palmillaso 2011  palmillaso casa de campo

Hundreds of additional photos of the main PALMILLASO 2011 will be published very soon, but for now here are a select few of the most legendary party in the world…..

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