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Palmillaso 2010! Partying in Palmilla, New Years Eve: Part 2

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New Years Eve 2011 was a long one! Here we bring you the photos and story of the ‘Palmillaso Party’ as it started to get wild…..

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It is a Casa de Campo tradition that every year on New Years Eve the party begins LONG before midnight – at nearby Palmilla, a tranquil and beautiful spot and sand bank along the coast from Casa de Campo, where on New Years Eve hundreds of boats and quiet possibly thousands of people gather and begin the New Years celebrations in true lavish style!

This year Casa de Campo Living hired our own catamaran and so sailed out to join the party with a small group of friends and family – all VIP’s of course and plenty of champagne! We began our day drinking beers, sunbathing, dancing a little and enjoying our own party on the catamaran – essentially waiting for the real party to start, and so when the ‘party circle’ began to form we raced to get among the action!

The Party Crowd gathers – boats circle around like sharks trying to barge their way into the action!

With just a little skilled negotiating, pushing and shoving we got ourselves parked and tied up into the row of other party boats – and then well the party began! From our boat we hopped our way across the rows and into the action – taking photos of our friends, acquaintances and complete random strangers as we went!

The party that followed is best described with the photos……..

I’m on a boat!!!

Every boat needs their own private live band….obviously! (Photo by Omar Kuret)

The follwing are my photos and show our story as we journeyed from boat to boat and partied with the big boys!! Very cool!

The photos below are some great shots by Omar Kuret – Thanks Omar!

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