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This year for the first time, Casa de Campo Living hired a catamaran and sailed to Palmilla with a group of our friends and special guests to party it up – Palmillaso style!   We set sail from the Marina Casa de Campo a little before midday (just a few hours delayed) with an intrepid group of more than 30 Casa de Campo locals, residents and visitors, armed with an abundance of champagne, plenty of rum, an excess of vodka and just enough sandwiches and kipes – everything we needed for a riotous day at Palmilla! Having spent New Years at Palmilla for the last 2 years (many Thanks to Sixto Incháustegui and the Esteves!) – I knew what we were in for and had prepared our boat with enough alcohol to drown in (which by the end of the day did not seem like such a good idea.)

I’m on a boat! Oh and so is everyone else…

Arriving at Palmilla we were greeted by glorious sunny weather and many many other boats and so with a drink in one hand and the bottle in the other – the day began!  With our own music on the boat we passed the first few hours enjoying our own party; sunbathing, drinking and toasting New Years around the world – good times!

It wasn’t until a little later that the traditional ‘Palmillaso’ circle of boats and party-central formed – at which point we manouvered the catamaran around to join the throng and boat-hopped away into the party……photos from this coming soon!

The Circle: when the party really got started – more photos of this coming soon!

Here are my photos from the first part of the day – before the party got too crazy! CasaLife (Casa de Campo’s luxury resort magasine) needs your photos! If you have any great photos of Palmilla this New Year’s Eve, please email them to: