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The Altos de Chavon Cultural Center cordially invites you to the inauguration of their upcoming exhibition “Paisajes Italianos” with paintings by the artist Silvana Chiozza. The inauguration of the new exhibition will take place this Wednesday the 17th of June at 7.30pm at the main art gallery in Altos de Chavon. The exhibition will be open from Wednesday until next Monday from 10am-9pm.

About Silvana Chiozza

Silvana Chiozza is despite appearances actually Argentinian, but of Italian heritage and studied painting from a very young age in Buenos Aires. After graduating from university with a medical degree, he relocated to Rome and made the decision to give up medicine and to instead dedicate his life to his true passion – art. Since 1998, he focused his art efforts on painting and has had many successful exhibitions in numerous countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Argentina and Korea.