Orange Thursdays: 2 x 1 Cinema Tickets at the Marina Casa de Campo

Why pay more than you need to? Every Thursday with “Orange Thursdays” cinema tickets at all Caribbean Cinemas in the Dominican Republic are 2×1 – and that includes the cinema in the Marina Casa de Campo!

Unfortunately, the offer is only available for people who have their phones with ORANGE – but if you do have ORANGE network – we look forward to seeing you at the Marina Casa de Campo cinema every Thursday!

Orange Thursdays – how to get your 2×1 tickets!

    • Send a text message to 222 – it doesn’t matter what message you send. I wrote “Mandame taquillas para orange cine 2×1 por favor!” (send me 2×1 Orange cinema tickets please! )
    • Immeadiatley after you send your message, you will get a response, which reads “Hola, disfrute del 2×1 en taquillas con Orange Cinema. Presenta tu código XXXXX este jueves XX/XX/XXX en la boletería de cualquier Caribbean Cinemas del pais.” (Hello, enjoy 2×1 tickets with Orange Cinema. Present your code XXXXX this Thursday XX/XX/XXX at the ticket desk in any Caribbean Cinemas in the country.)
    • Go to the cinema that Thursday and show them your code – and get 2 x 1 tickets!

NOTE: sending the ‘222’ message is FREE!

Remember the movies at the Marina Casa de Campo cinema are changed EVERY Thursday – so look out for our “new movies” post, published every Wednesday evening.

To view the current movies and times, click here! 

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