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Opening the “Doors to Infinity” with Jenny Polanco

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Doors_to_Infinity_art_exhibitOn Saturday July 25th, the Jenny Polanco Project in Altos de Chavon hosted a cocktail celebration for the inauguration of “Doors to Infinity”, an art exhibit by French artist Paulette Née, who creates beautiful acrylic artwork painted on canvas mounted on palm tree bark.

Doors_to_infinity_art_exhibit_2Guests at the opening commented on how unique this exhibit was given the originality of the colorful “yagua” canvases. “Yagua” is a hard casing which covers the flowers of the Royal Palm tree, which sheds when the palm flower is born. The colorful acrylic paintings are abstract compositions composed of geometric shapes and angled brush strokes.

During the opening cocktail of “Doors to Infinity” Paulette Née herself, along with the Dominican designer Jenny Polanco, showed their guests these artworks which capture the attention with all its color and splendor.

“These pictorial compositions reflect an inner, subjective and psychic world we all have, when look at these works, the attraction of the colors and forms lead us to a dream through imagination, it is why we call this exhibition “Doors to Infinity” Said Paulette Née

The following photos were taken during the cocktail celebration of the “Doors to Infinity” exhibition at the Jenny Polanco Project in Altos de Chavon:

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