Camarones Aplatanado

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Camarones AplatanadoIf a friend suggests dining at Onno’s Bar at Altos de Chavón, what kind of food comes to mind? If you are like one of the 8 people I asked (no joke, I actually asked around), you might think of “taquitos”, “fried food”, “fries”, “nachos”, “burgers”, and any array of other menu items similar to the aforementioned. Let me tell you I’m about to blow your mind and flip your world up-side down. The stereotypical “junk” food was NOT on this menu – or at least not presented as you would traditionally expect. It was so much better! Let me rewind the tape a bit <<<< Nathan Bailey, co-owner of Onno’s Bar, kindly invited me and a couple of friends to his restaurant to try out some of his favorite menu items. Before going, I indeed asked people what to expect, since I was concerned I was “hardwired” to think I wouldn’t find many options that would excite me. Now, I say all this not to bash Onno’s but for completely the opposite reason. WOW, WAS I INCREDIBLY SURPRISED (!): the menu options are diverse, the food is fresh and innovative, the presentation is worthy of an immediate Instagram shot, and most of all, you will find it to be comfort food with a refined twist. Let me illustrate: Ahi Tuna Tacos The tacos are on the menu… but instead of the classic “Tostitos” you can expect to find Ahi Tuna Tacos with fresh tuna marinated in a tangy lime and sesame oil vinaigrette. The tuna is paired with avocado and both sit inside crispy wonton tacos, which are then drizzled with a light spicy sauce and topped with a bit of wakame (seaweed salad). No one can tell me those are regular ol’ tacos! Those are some fine tacos if I ever saw them! Diablo shrimp Tacos Would you like some fried shrimp? Well, if ordered at Onno’s you would be getting some Thai Shrimp… these are panko crusted shrimp in a sweet and spicy diablo sauce with some additional eel sauce drizzled on top and creamy avocado bits laying on top. Filet Mignon If you still have room after those two appetizers and you care for a cut of meat, then look no further and get yourself that 10oz Angus Filet… but don’t even think about ordering it without one of the sauces, because if you don’t order one, you will be missing out on the best part! Our party had the scrumptious mushroom wine sauce that we then decided to drizzle over everything else in sight. Verde Pizza Care for a good slice of pizza? Order a Verde Pizza, complete with pesto veggies and arugula salad. It’s my personal favorite and one I highly recommend if you desire somewhat of a “guilt-free” pizza. It’s SALAD after all, right?! (Ok…Let me believe that for a second please.) Chocolate Fondant Brace yourselves… if you are craving a decadent dessert, you should be turning on your car to drive yourself over to Onno’s right now. We discovered what I think is one of the top 3 deserts in Casa de Campo (I’m a fan of sweets so I know what I’m talking about!). Chocolate Soufflé with vanilla ice-cream. Sounds pretty basic right? Think again! This is hot “chocolate cake batter meets lava cake” topped with melting vanilla ice-cream… it’s good ladies and gentlemen. REAL GOOD! Good enough to be spoon fighting in the soufflé dish (just order a single spoon and make it easy for yourself not to have to share). Because the dessert is the most important part of any meal, then I feel I need to tell you about the Chocolate Mousse as well. It’s certainly lighter than the Soufflé, but still very chocolatey and rich. Go ahead and order both desserts… they are both absolutely worth the calories. White and Dark Chocolate Mousse So there you have it Casa de Campo. Onno’s is not playing around and has stepped up its game in the kitchen department. If you are looking for a good option to dine with the family or friends for a good price and with great menu options, then look no further. We suggest you ask the waiter for the IPAD menu so you can see all the pretty pictures of the menu items and make your decision making process a lot more visual. I should also point out that the furniture and decorations have been upgraded recently so if you have not stopped by to see the changes, I encourage you to do so. They are subtle but make for a much more comfortable dining experience. Onno’s still delivers! So if you want some of this great food delivered to your door in Casa de Campo, just give them a call. The bar and dancing is still as amusing as it has always been, so if you are an Onno’s after hours regular, make sure to come in early and try out some of the menu items as well.

Onno’s Bar & Restaurant

Where: Altos de Chavón (In front of the Anphitheater) Opening Hours: 9am – late everyday Tel: (809) 523-2868