Altos de Chavon

Onno’s has insane amounts of fun prepared for us this weekend!

Ambiance Onno's Bar and Restaurant

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A tip to get through the rest of the work week – think of parting your weekend off!! As always, Onno’s has your back! Starting with Friday 13 party to kick off your weekend.

Friday 13th Party at Onno's Bar

This Friday, all fellow horror movie lovers are adventuring to scary Camp Crystal Lake, more commonly known as Camp Blood– a summer camp for kids in the Friday the 13th film series. Do you remember being scared of Jason Voorhees as a kid while watching these movies when your parents weren’t at home? Now you can party your Friday the 13th off with weapon-inspired drinks! I am so looking forward to it because we all remember how creative Mr. Voorhees got with creating weapons from ice picks and hacksaw down the sleeping bag! But, did I mention 10 shots of Pistola for 599 and Cuba Libra for 99!?!

I Vote for a Party at Onno's Bar

After Friday, Sunday the 15th rolls around with “I Vote for a Party!” No worries because there will be  no talk of politics–may even be against the Onno’s party law! After a busy day of voting, let’s take it down a notch, let loose, and escape the debates. At Onno’s, the only election will be choosing the cheeriest table to sit at and your drink! Every good party citizen will receive 20% off. We are voting for the party! Are you with us?

Where: Onno’s Altos de Chavón (in front of the Amphitheater)

When: Friday 13 and Sunday 15 9pm – 12am

Tel: (809) 523-2868

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