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Only in the DR: Una bola por favor!

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only in the DR

This week’s ‘Only in the DR’ photo was sent to us by Andrea Serai, and was taken in the Dominican Republic’s capital city, Santo Domingo.

As we have seen in many previous ‘Only in the DR’ posts the Dominican transport system is a little ‘imaginative’ or ‘unconventional’ rather, with ‘pasolas’ (mopeds/motorbikes) overloaded with 4-5 people, fish, goats and other strange objects, non-existant drink-driving rulesdrive-thru bars and we’ve even seen the shell of a car being carried on a push-bike!

This week’s photo perfectly demonstrates the eccentricities of the DR transport system: travelling in the back of a truck,I’ve seen before and that somehow seems ‘normal,’ but hanging on to the outside of a car does stricke me as a little odd! When I first saw this photo I assumed that this man must have asked for a ride and hopped on (‘una bola’ in Dominican), however Andrea has the photo on her Facebook profile with the phrase ‘cuando la gente ‘ta apura!!’ which basically means ‘when people are in a hurry’ – implying that the man was in such a rush he just jumped on the back!! Whatever the reason for this unconventional means of travel we do NOT recommend it!

Another classic ‘Only in the DR’ photo – Thanks Andrea!!

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