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Only in the DR: trespassers beware!

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casa de campo villa

This week’s photograph was taken by myself on a romantic golf cart ride around the Teeth of the Dog golf course. The sign reading “TRESPASSERS WILL BE VIOLATED” is located at the edge of a villa on the 7th hole of the Teeth of the Dog golf course.

What a bizarre message! I can understand that the owners of the villa do not appreciate people or rather golfers wandering around their back yard searching for errant golf balls, but punishment by VIOLATION? Now that seems a little harsh! It conjures up an image of men appearing from the undergrowth………I won’t go on (use your own imagination!)

Of course, my sensible (and very geeky) boyfriend pointed out to me that this is a play on “Trespassers will be persecuted” – which is obvious, Thanks Philip!

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