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Only in the DR: The Yuca Monster

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All of my favorite ‘Only in the DR’ photos seem to involve motorbikes or pasolas or more specifically the weird and wonderful objects being transported on them, this week the object on the back of the motorbike may look like a scary sea monster, but it is in fact a Yuca plant!

This week’s photo was contributed by Carlitos Pichardo, owner of our favorite La Romana restaurant Dom Ham (click here to read about Dom Ham and it’s delicious burgers) – I’m not sure when, why or how Carlitos got this funny photo, nevertheless here it is for you all to enjoy! Maybe this is a good omen for you Carlitos –  you should start serving yuca fries at Dom Ham!!

I personally find this photo fascinating, as I’m not from the Dominican Republic and am seemingly rather uncultured in term of tropical fruits and vegetables – I had no idea this is what Yuca looks like! I’m more used to seeing it the supermarket in La Romana, cut into sections or preferably fried up with garlic or boiled in a Sancocho – this Yuca monster looks like it could win some great prizes and a vegetable show – maybe that’s where this man is headed!

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