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The name’s Jeims, Jeims Bons, 0007!! England’s international man of mystery is here, in the Dominican Republic and he’s a painter! Jeims Bons as he’s known to his Dominican friends is actually a souvenir shop/shack on Dominicus beach.

Oh and in case you were wondering “Il Pittore” means painter – in Italian! Where do they get these ideas from???

In Jeims Bons defense (who I assume was the man in the shop,) he did hunt down and massacre a number of coconuts for me and my friends to enjoy on the beach….not exactly the kind of thrilling heroic feats James Bond is normally famous for, but nevertheless I was very grateful!

It is highly likely, that on your travels around the Dominican Republic that you will stumble across many such cultural oddities and if you do, we hope you will share them with us! Email any such photos or tales to