There is no denying that Dominican’s have an impressive knack for ingenuity! I am constantly surprised and impressed by the ingenius problem-solving creations, inventions and transport solutions which we witness everyday in this amazing country. The above photo was spotted by my father, Peter Hughes in a British newspaper (the Evening Standard) – which was writing about Hurricane Irene. As you can see from the caption the photo is of 2 boys using a fridge as a boat. This is a truly genius way of travelling, if you don’t have a boat (which the majority of people do not) – then what better way to get about during a flood, than by taking an old discarded fridge and using it as a fat, wide canoe! To read about the effects of Hurricane Irene in Casa de Campo, click here!

Hurricane Irene makes the headlines in Britain! 

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This article was written by Rebecca Hughes, editor of Casa de Campo Living and Casa de Campo’s entertainment specialist!

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