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This week’s ‘Only in the DR’ photo was sent to us from Ivonna Sosa, straight from her blackberry, whilst she was still shopping!

Ivonna’s photo is of the label on a chicken, the label reads “POLLO FRESCO CON EQUIPAJE” which literally translates as “FRESH CHICKEN WITH LUGGAGE!”

So, with what exactly is this little chicken travelling? Here Ivonna enlightens us:

Las ocurrencias de nuestro pais!!!
Que cargara este pollo??
Pregunte y carga sus patas, cuello, molleja y demas cosas que le quitan cuando lo limpian. Mejor conocido como “pico y pala”.
Osea que tienen la opcion de comprar pollo con o sin “equipaje”.

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, Ivonna asked in the shop what the ‘luggage’ was and she was told that the chicken come with it’s legs, neck, gizzards and all the other parts they remove during the cleaning process!

So now it seems you have the choice to buy your chicken with or without “luggage!”

NOTE: We believe this option is only available in Iberia supermarket!

GREAT ‘Only in the DR’ photo and description Ivonna! THANKS!

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