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This week’s photo for our ‘Only in the DR’ post was sent to us by Lludmila Perez, and was taken on Playa Monte Rio near Barahona.  

As you can see this rather muddy, rusty old sign is advertising the sale of some food – on the menu there seems to be Hot Dogs, pollo (chicken) and a very mysterious item – a Habulgue. As I’m not Dominican I had to double check with Lludmila, that a Habulgue is not some kind of Dominican beach food delicacy – it is in fact meant to say ‘Hamburguesa’ or in English Hamburger.

I’m not sure I’d want to eat here….

Thank you Lludmila for sending us this photo! HILARIOUS!!

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NOTE: This and all ‘Only in the DR’ posts are light-hearted and are meant to be read as such. In this country there are MANY problems with literacy, poverty and much more. We believe that these things do need to be changed and we support 100% the Fundacion MIR and the Hogar del Niño and all other charities who are working hard to reduce these problems. Ignoring these problems will not make them go away – and pointing them out in a light-hearted manner only helps to highlight these problems so that more steps can be made to eradicate them completely.