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Only in the DR – Beware of Goat

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suicidal goat

This week’s photograph was provided by Gladys Rijo, who unfortunately was unable to provide us with any additional information as to the whereabouts of this poor goat, or as to what exactly it was doing on the roof, which leads us to speculate about said goat…

  • perhaps he is looking for food (he didn’t want to share so thought a derelict roof was the best roof – come solo!)
  • maybe he got lost while looking for food.
  • he’s a fugitive on the run from the zealous Dominican police force.
  • or most probably his ‘owners’ decided the roof would be the best place to keep their goat, until they decide to “have him for dinner” on a special occasion, he got wind of this plan and is attempting to escape.

Do you have any better theories? Let us know, leave your comments below!

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