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Only in the DR: get ready to be killed!

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dewars kill you!

This photo was taken in Santo Domingo.

The advert seems to imply that Dewars will kill you….a rather strange angle to take on advertising a drink which really is rather good, and is very unlikely to kill you….

We found this really very confusing, until we saw this advert:

killers dewars

Which somewhat clears up the confusion! The series of adverts, is in fact not publicizing the fact the Dewars is going to kill you, but rather that Dewars ‘White Label’, premium whisky is sponsoring the upcoming Killers concert, being held at the Estadio Olympico on Friday the 13th of November, 8.30pm. Tickets: RD$5,000 VIP, and RD$2,500 general admission.

Also in the same series of confusing adverts:

brightside dewars

Which of course, is a reference to the Killers’ song ‘Mr Brightside.’

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