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This week’s ‘Only in the DR’ comes once again from the Capital City – Santo Domingo, where it seems that all kinds of crazy sights are to be found!

Pictured in the photo above  is what looks to be nothing much but a kiosk or stall selling food and drinks, however ‘El Trompo’ also sells alcohol, in fact it also seems to be actually sponsored by Brahma beer! And it just so happens that ‘El Trompo’ is located right across the road from last week’s ‘Classy Chicken’ joint – making it the perfect place to pick up fried chicken and a drink!

So how does this curious kiosk actually function? Well as I have (obviously) not used it myself, I have had to rely on tales told by other people, but here is the jist of it:
Step 1: Drive up (as in a McDonalds drive-thru)
Step 2: Order whatever drink or drinks you want
Step 3: Drinks wil be served in a plastic cup with ice etc
Step 4: Pay (for the dubious pleasure of endangering your own life and those of others on the road/in your own car)
Step 5: Drive off with drink safely stowed in cup holder – to be drunk only when in a traffic jam or at traffic lights – it would be dangerous otherwise!

REMEMBER: according to Dominican Road ‘Guidelines’ (not laws) Don’t drink (excessively) and drive!

Fascinating! Of course if you don’t want to drink you can always just have a Coco Cola or some potato chips – but where would be the fun in that??

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