This week’s ‘Only in the Dr’ photo was taken in Santo Domingo in the Colonial Zone, which seems to be a hotspot for getting married and/or having your wedding photos taken. Whilst walking through the Colonial Zone on any given day it feels like there are almost as many brides as their are normal women….and that doesn’t make me jealous at all!

On this particular afternoon, I first spotted the ‘brides’ or rather ‘bridezillas’ – the pink/purple lace trim is a CRIME against weddings and wedding dresses. Now these 2 brides seemed to be without husbands, so either they were marrying each other (a man’s point of view) or they were actually doing a modelling shoot (my opinion).

Anyway, throughout the rest of the afternoon/evening more and more brides began to pop up – because here in the DR, couples actually have their ‘wedding photos’ taken on a day which is NOT the wedding! This is surely an example of ‘only in the DR’ or is this normal in other countries too?

In England, if not the rest of the world, wedding photos are photos of the wedding – not of a ‘wedding photo shoot’ before the wedding! It’s bad luck to see the bride (in the wedding dress) before the wedding! Isn’t it?

Is this normal? Or maybe in England we do it the odd way???

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