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kola real

 Do you recycle your empty plastic bottles? No?! Well shame on you! Here in the Dominican Republic, people believe in recycling everything and that includes plastic “Kola Real” bottles – did you know they make perfect the perfect gas cap!?

Although it may be hard to believe, the above photo shows a plastic “Kola Real” bottle being used as a gas cap. Yes, instead of a real lid to stop the gas (petrol) from slushing out of the gas tank, this ingenious motorist has literally plugged the gap with a plastic bottle. Although this invention seems to be working – it is clearly not a very good idea and we do not recommend you try it.

This week’s photo was contributed by Luca Banfi, chef at Casa de Campo’s La Caña and Beach Club by Le Cirque restaurants. As well as this “Kola Real” bottle being used for a gas cap, Luca tells us that he has also spotted a rag (a 100% flamable material) also being used as a gas cap – now the person who came up with that clever idea might not be around much longer to tell the tale…..

Only in the Dominican Republic! Thanks Luca for sending the photo!

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