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Only in the Dominican Republic: My chicken…..mi amigo!

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WARNING: This week’s “Only in the Dominican Republic” photo is a bit disgusting!
This delightful photo of a packaged chicken was taken by Jessica Miranda de Rodriguez, who posted the photo on here Facebook wall with the caption “Things that remind me I’m no longer in Miami” – yes I imagine that in Miami, supermarkets / chicken suppliers do you the courtesy of removing the chicken’s head before selling it to you! 
The chicken is labelled “pollo criollo”, which literally translates to “chicken creole”, but in this case would be best translated as “chicken country-style”, “chicken Dominican-style” or better yet “not a headless chicken” – perfect for those people who really believe in the saying “waste not want not!”
So what can you do with a chicken head?
Believe it or not there are “amazing” (in the most literal sense of the word) recipes out there, that do actually call for “chicken head!” Here are some examples:
• “Real” chicken stock – using the WHOLE chicken
Fried Chicken Head a la McDonalds – this may not actually be true
I’m a little disappointed that my “whole chicken head” google search, didn’t turn up more results!

Only in the Dominican Republic! Thanks Jessica for the photo!

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