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Only in the Dominican Republic: Help, where did I leave my ladder?

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When driving in the Dominican Republic, it is always advisable to “expect the unexpected” – you really never know what weird and wonderful transport solutions you may encounter and equally you never know what random objects may be randomly placed in your path – like a ladder for instance.

Driving around Casa de Campo in the La Romana area of the Dominican Republic is in general less “random” and much more safe – but there are always the odd time when you round a corner and find something completely unexpected. This week’s “Only in the Dominican Republic” photo was taken on Costa Verde in Casa de Campo – this ladder was just left completely randomly in the middle of the road – with no-one using it or looking after it. But what I find most baffling about this ladder is that it is no where near anything – there are no trees, branches, wires etc within its reach, so what is it doing there?

Yet another unsolved mystery of happening in the Dominican Republic!

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