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On Wednesday, June 16th, the Abraham Lincoln School celebrated its 39th High School Graduation Ceremony in the Riverside Conference Center in the Marina in Casa de Campo. It was a beautiful evening in all respects, with the venue providing many memorable photos with the Chavon River as a scenic backdrop.

The ceremony started with the entrance of the 30 graduating students accompanied by their parents to the music of “Pomp and Circumstance.”

The Headmaster, Mr. Harry Magee, praised the students for showing great adaptability, perseverance, and resilience in quickly adapting to the online classes and achieving their ultimate goal, their successful graduation from Abraham Lincoln School. “You have all had to sacrifice a lot. Losing your last year to a pandemic was not what you had planned for, but it is an experience you will never forget and one which will affect your lives forever. You will all have a unique story to tell your children and grandchildren. Perhaps you do not realize that these are historical moments we live through, and all of you have made history.

Lyndon B. Johnson said, “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose.” No one can predict what “normal” will be like in the future. But uncertainties should not be a personal impediment but an opportunity to modify your way of thinking, a weapon to achieve higher knowledge, a chance to get creative with your ideas and redefine the way they handle and solve problems.”

The valedictorian and salutatorian addresses were given by Fernando Lluberes and Emily Guzman, respectively. “Even though you feel insecure and fearful of what the future holds, don’t give up, keep going, and you’ll see how you will be able to overcome any obstacle;  there is still much to see and learn. Always give your best, make a difference, where ever life takes you. I am proud to see that we have ended one stage of our lives and begin another. Now let’s go out into the world, and let’s make the change; let’s challenge the future Omnia, class of 2021!” stated Emily at the end of her speech.

The President of the School Board, Dr. Leonardo Matos presented the 30 students with their graduating diplomas. Mr. Magee commented on the academic brilliance of the students, 18 of whom were graduating with GPA’s 0above 3.0.

Four students received special recognition for their outstanding academic achievements.
Mr. Magee mentioned Kircy Mayans for her outstanding effort during the online classes, achieving a GPA of 3.86 in her final year. In addition, Gia Peterson achieved an overall GPA of 3.90, and Emily Guzman graduated with a final GPA of 3.92.

The valedictorian student, Fernando Lluberes, graduated with a GPA for the 4 years of High School of 3.98, the highest GPA ever achieved by a graduating student in the history of the Abraham Lincoln School.

Pictures taken by Dibenchi de los Santos