Night Golf

Casa de Campo’s quieter evenings this season could have you looking for more opportunities to enjoy time with the family. Golf always tops the charts… but have you tried Night Golf? Located on the Teeth of the Dog Practice Facility, this activity for the whole family promotes a relaxed and fun environment. Night golf has become a must to do activity in Casa de Campo. Who would have thought hitting balls at the practice range could be so cool after dark?!

Night Golf can be enjoyed by all ability levels and is seriously entertaining. Imagine hitting an illuminated golf ball down the driving range that’s full of colorful LED targets and hoops! Cool right? It also happens to be a great way to improve your game without the pressure. 

This event will follow all Casa Care health and safety protocols and the Casa de Campo’s golf department will be on standby to give you tips and tricks for improving your game. They’ll show the youngest ones through adults how to hold a golf club, use their body for power – not the arms, and read-the-green for more accurate putting. There will also be several competitions with great prizes for the winners!

Night golf is a completely different golf experience, it’s really all about relaxing, and having some fun!  Whether you’re a scratch golfer or a tournament hacker, you’ll love the experience in complete darkness using LED-lit balls and fairways. See you this weekend!