Featured Image — Night Golf Here to Stay

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Night golf has become THE event everybody looks forward to! The most recent edition took place last Friday and was, as always, awesome! Lights everywhere, music, and even men in LED lit suits! Can you believe it?!

As the sun went down, people made their way to the Teeth of the Dog driving range to participate in what has become an cool way to enjoy the evening hours outdoors. It’s not just the balls that light up either…Ring markers are set up throughout the driving range and goal posts to test your distance and aim. Plus, the accompanying lounge is complete with LED lit seating and bar! It is so much fun! And we did NOT expect to see men walking around in Night Golf suits. Quelle surprise!

Group Photo — Night Golf Here to Stay

BUT if you still need reasons to go, here’s a list of some of our top points why you SHOULD definitely give it a try!

  • All of the lights!!! Just being among all of the bright colors is like another universe.
  • It is a family event! As you can see from the pictures, everyone can enjoy a good practise round of night golf! Playing after dark takes less time away from work and family. Your children will love seeing how the golf ball lights up as soon as their club hits it!
  • It’s the best way to unwind and start the weekend. After a long work day, the night is our time to go out and have a fun. With glow balls, glow belts and a well-lit course, you have the makings of an awesome evening.
  • You’ll feel like you’re in outer space! The shooting colors, and the shapes and forms they make through the night sky… It’s cosmic!
  • Night Golf opens golf up to more people. You don’t have to be an expert to play. Night Golf allows you to get to know the game in a “no pressure” environment.
Dad and Daughter — Night Golf Here to Stay
  • Finding an LED golf ball at night is WAY easier than finding a standard golf ball during the day.
  • Night golf creates a less stressful and competitive environment while providing a fun, relaxed, and entertaining atmosphere.
  • The night golf also provides an opportunity for those who want to beat the heat during the day; since the temperatures are much cooler in the evening, you won’t tire as much as playing in the day. Plus, no sunburns!!
  • Music, drinks, BBQ and an Animation Team… It’s basically a golf party, everytime!
Family — Night Golf Here to Stay

There are plenty of reasons to try this amazing sport! So if you still haven’t had a chance already, the next event dates are on the horizon. Night Golf will continue Friday, April 8th and 22nd.

In the meantime, catch the super fun Night Golf pictures captured by Mariana Heredia on Friday, March 25th at the Teeth of the Dog driving range: